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Nagykanizsai Civil Kerekasztal
8800. Nagykanizsa, Kálvin tér 5.
Tel: +36-20/9313-055
Tel: +36-20/3595-045
Fax: +36-93/999-697

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UniCredit Bank: 10918001-

Adószám: 19282501-1-20

 Törvényszéki nyilvántartási szám: 2159.

Felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: 00743-2010

Közérdekű önkéntes tevékenység száma: 01478.

MVH regisztráció: 1005354771

Kiváló Tehetségpont azonosító: TP-101-001-073

Adatvédelmi nyilvántartás száma: NAIH-74706/2014



The aim of the organization

Coordinating the activities of the civil sphere of  Zala county, protecting its interests, granting its funds and helping with environment protection and charity actions. Building up the partnership of area-development, establishing the collaboration of consortiums, generation intersectorial projects.

Our mission

Development of civil activity and value formation, amelioration of the role of civil sector in the society. Organizing the continuous presence of civil sector, by generating and realizing society-building projects. Promoting social responsibility and volunteering abreast meeting the engagements towards servicing activities. Establishing the cooperation of separate sectors.

We operate a non-profit civil services office in Halis István Library of Nagykanizsa, with a 3- members staff, 8 hours a day.


  • Organizing social and charity actions
  • Organizing charity youth camps
  • Helping the inhabitants of areas struck by natural disasters
  • Restoring church buildings with community teamwork
  • Acting for environment protection causes
  • Patronizing civil associations in need
  • Non-profit business counseling
  • Development of economy and society
  • Organizing generational projects
  • Operating a volunteer center

Civil Office is running 3 thematic web sites for news and services on its server computer.

  1. Online    Dél-Zala    (Online       South    Zala)      –    regional        non-profit    services     new    site


  1. Regionális ifjúsági és sport hír és szolgáltató portal  - regional web site for youth and sports news and services (http://ifjusag.com/)

Introduction of projects


Rehabilitation of Látóhegy chapel with volunteers

We have raised funds with charity programs, and – using its incomes, and a wide range of social cooperation – we renovated a 17th century church building. According to local needs, the internal and external renovation was accompanied by the broadening of its functions.

Helping the inhabitants of the area struck by the “red silt” disaster

As a civil initiation we organized a charity concert with the help of our partners. We have used the incomes to purchase household equipments and Christmas presents for the benefit of the people living in the area struck by the “red silt” disaster. The program was accompanied by a design contest.

Helping the inhabitants of the areas struck by flood

Aranyfény Adományközpont (Golden Light Donation Center) gathered clothes, books and toys, which we have forwarded to people of the flood-struck area in need. To grant the funds for this, we have organized a charity concert.

Helping families in need

In association with local churches, media and entrepreneurs we organize charity concerts to help the families in need. Most of the concerts are organized in churches, and with the help of the media we are able to attract a great number of people to our programs.

Household appliance exchange program

With the coordination of the Civil Office of Nagykanizsa 312 household appliances (washing machined and refrigerators) have been substituted with modern, economic and environment- friendly machines in 208 households of the city. The overall value of the appliances was about 24.8 million forints, 18.8 million forints of which was a subsidy coming from the Ministry of Country Development.


Alig-Vár Jótékonysági Gyermektábor (Can Hardly Wait Charity Camp for Children) We have been organizing youth camps for disabled children since 2004, with the participation of 25 handicapped children every year, using an alternative financing method developed by our association. With the duplication of this model, running it as a social franchise, we would be able to grant the possibility of camping for 5000 children, without using any kind of governmental aid.

Seven Wonders of Zala

As an achievement of an intersectorial society-building campaign we have elected the 7 natural and the 7 constructed wonders of Zala county.

Seven Wonders of Nagykanizsa

Carrying on the campaign, we have also voted on the 7 natural and the 7 constructed wonders of Nagykanizsa city.

I Love Kanizsa Movement

A real society-building, local patriot “city image” project, built up by the cooperation of the three sectors. Its formal elements are: I Love Kanizsa news, brochure, badge, leisure-, cultural and sport programs and contests in 6 categories.

“Adopt” the natural values of Nagykanizsa!

Within the frames of this campaign 25 individuals, institutions and civil organizations have adopted local values, statues, places and plants so far. The “foster parents” are responsible for looking after, protecting and nursing their “foster children”.

Thanksgiving Day: investiture of civil awards

We give awards to the civil associations, individuals, activists, sponsors and maecenas of the year in 6 categories on Thanksgiving Day.

Conference of Social Responsibility

We have been granting possibility for the presentation of excellent social responsibility practices and the establishment of acquaintances between the members of entrepreneur and civil sector since 2007.

“New Reform Era” Conference

Experts, politicians, officers, entrepreneurs and civil citizens have been analyzing economic and social causes of the economic crisis, and have been looking for the possible ways of ending it. We were looking for the way we would be able to form a new societal round table, which can be joined by civil citizens and members of the society.


Conference of Regional Development

The program aimed at the investigation of possibilities for developing our region and the research of a way of acting out for this purpose as a community. We were brainstorming about the economic, societal, political and attitude-changes to be realized for the realization of this purpose.

Nem csak 20 éveseké a világ”

A project organized for the benefit of the elderly citizens of Nagykanizsa and the surrounding area. We organize Regional Cultural Festivals:

  • Days of Lifestyle and Culture
  • Spinal exercises and yoga courses
  • Internet courses


We have released our own publications for 4 target groups in 3000 copies each:

  • Távmunka kalauz (Job Guide)
  • Ifjú szívvel Dél-Zalában (South Zala With Young Heart)
  • Szeretem Kanizsát (I Love Kanizsa)
  • Civil szívvel Dél-Zalában(South Zala With Civilian Heart) “Civilization map” of Nagykanizsa – 500 copies.

Együtt, közösen az előítélet-mentes Magyarországért “ (Joining hands for a prejudice-free Hungary)

In collaboration with several Gipsy and civil associations we have initiated our campaign named “Együtt, közösen az előítélet-mentes Magyarországért” (Joining hands for a prejudice- free Hungary).

Contact details:

Civil Round Table of Nagykanizsa

5. Kálvin square Nagykanizsa, 8800, Hungary

E-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. Web: http://site.civiliroda.eu/

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